Commercial Tower Dryer

Narrower Columns At Top

Narrower width grain colums used at the top of the dryer increase airflow on the wettest grain, starting the drying process sooner.

Self Cleaning Plenum Floor

Brock’s unique self-cleaning plenum floor design allows fines, dirt and bees’wings to recycle back into the grain safely while also reducing routine cleaning maintenance.

Commercial Burner

A high-capacity, low-emission Maxon® burner is standard on BROCK® Commercial Tower Dryers. The commercial-grade burner features a cast aluminum manifold to help reduce orifice corrosion and maintenance. Brock’s unique application of centrifugal fans allows a square burner to be mounted in the square duct and provides uniform airflow across the complete burner surface for efficient combustion and even heat mixing. The generous length of duct above the burner further enhances the temperature balance from the top to the bottom of the heat plenum.

DWDI Centrifugal Fans

Double-wide/double-inlet (DWDI) centrifugal fans were the first choice for the BROCK® Commercial Tower Dryers because they deliver more air while using less horsepower.

Easy Access & Service

Ample clearance under the dryer offers easy walk-through access and generous space for auxiliary equipment. Fan and motor design provides for easy access and serviceability.

Stainless Steel Screens

Stainless steel perforated screens are used in two standard sizes (.078 and .062 inches) to help confine particulates for cleaner dryer operation.

Unobstructed Grain Columns

Fresh air along with electrical conduits and gas piping enter at the bottom of the dryer and not through the grain columns. This promotes even grain flow and efficient drying. Air inlet louvers are adjustable to control the volume of cool air entering the dryer.

Gentle Unloading System

Brock’s innovative and gentle Circular Drag Unloading System (patented) evenly meters and delivers the grain to a discharge point at the perimeter of the dryer.

Commerical Plumbing

Commercial block and bleed gas train is standard with high & low gas safety pressure switches.

Quantum Controller

Brock’s advanced QUANTUM® Dryer Controller comes standard and automatically regulates the drying process.

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