Springland MFG. Unloading Systems

Springland unloading equipment is designed for high capacity under floor unloading. Only top quality galvanized material is used on Springland unloading systems. Industrial plating of powerheads and components make finishes last longer and resist the elements. Galvanized and plated surfaces are protected from surface damage.

The Advantages

  • More capacity
  • Less power required 
  • Less maintenance 
  • More economical to purchase and run 


  • High capacity underfloor auger
  • Mechanical or Electric sweep drive

Mechanical Sweep Drive

  • Internal shifting mechanism operated from outside
  • The unload auger motor drives the sweep through a double gearbox 
  • The gearbox is easily moved from one bin to the next 
  • Reduction drive on the sweep wheel is designed for aggressive cleanout action and safe operation 

Rack & Pinion Control

  • Provides smooth control of gate openings

Gearbox Shifter

  • Mechanical sweep drive is engaged from outside of the bin

Powerheads Feature

  • Over center belt tensioner
  • Quick detach motor mount 
  • Enclosed beltguard 
  • Hinged discharge door to prevent rodent entry and more importantly air loss

Optional 25° Incline Elbow

  • Available to raise discharge about 18 inches in bins with low foundations

Power Requirements (H.P.)

For the 25º Incline Powerhead round up to the next motor size. Power requirements may vary depending on grain type and condition.

Bin Dia. (ft.)Unload Auger Motor Sweep Unload Auger 
Gearbox Sweep 
Unload Auger 
Gearbox Sweep 




Unload Auger Dia.Suggested Flight Speed (RPM)Capacity Bushels per hour 
8″425 – 5002500 – 3000
10″400 – 5005000 – 6000

Commercial Series Sweeps for large diameter tanks (60′ dia. and up) are also available with high capacity. Ask an Ernewein sales representative for details.

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