Meyer Tower Dryer

Proven, Fuel Efficient Technology For Continuous Flow Grain Drying

For continuous flow grain drying, Brock’s MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Grain Dryer provides proven, fuel-efficient technology you can count on for drying duties. This Brock dryer offers capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,650 bushels per hour with five points of moisture removal.
Brock’s line of tower dryers also provides the advantage of being able to use height as an option for adding drying capacity without increasing the size of your dryer’s ground footprint in your facility.

Multi-Mode Drying

All MEYER ENERGY MISER Tower Grain Dryers utilize multi-mode drying.
Producers can choose:

  • Full heat drying for maximum capacity through the dryer.
  • Pressure heat with suction cooling for maximum efficiency and capacity (saves up to 25% in fuel costs).
  • Pressure heat with pressure cooling for some crops like sunflowers and milo where heat recycling is not desired.

These Brock dryers can handle:

  • Standard grains.
  • Sensitive grains.
  • Volatile grains.
  • Small grains (with the use of optional .062-inch perforation galvanized screens).

Few dryers can handle the wide variety of grains like Brock’s MEYER ENERGY MISER Dryers without having to make time-consuming physical modifications.

Self-Cleaning Operation

Brock’s unique, self-cleaning plenum floor design allows particulate matter to recycle back into the grain safely while also reducing routine cleaning maintenance.

Gentle Grain Unloading System

Brock’s innovative and gentle Circular Drag Grain Unloading System (patented) evenly meters grain from the grain columns and gently delivers it to the unloading point at the perimeter of the dryer. The speed of the unloading system is automatically adjusted to allow for moisture variations in the incoming wet grain.

Advanced Dryer Controller

Brock’s advanced QUANTUM® Dryer Controller comes standard and is easy to use for total dryer management. Web-based monitoring of the QUANTUM Controller is also available.

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